Grape Street Elementary School (K5) fills entire city block in the Watts Neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is located at 111th St. between Wilmington Ave. and Grape St. Students live in the nearby Imperial Courts Housing Project and surrounding single family homes. There are approximately 700 students, most of which are living at or below the poverty level. 92% receive free or reduced breakfast and lunch.
At this time, only 51% of the students are testing at grade in math, and 46% in English studies; with one exception, fifth graders, which are testing at 75%
Grape Street students fall behind from the start because most of them do not participate in pre- Kindergarten. Normally, Kindergarten students in the higher income areas will arrive to school already knowing some basic letter sounds and ABC`s, and some math skills.

Since this is not true in the inner city, the students are playing catch up from day one. It is common knowledge among the educators, that the most important action that can help students compete scholastically is to provide pre- kindergarten in Watts.

Watts Powerhouse Food provides food and educational assistance in the following manner:
- Organize volunteers to tutor students in math and Language arts.

- Organize professionals to share their story to children and provide inspiration and knowledge of the exciting outside world.

- Provide cup of noodles as an incentive for attendance.

- Provide buses for field trips-LAUSD does not provide field trips (all grade levels)

- Procurement of computers and computer lab equipment.

- Provide subscriptions to children’s internet math sites. (400 students)

- Provide Easter week vacation food bags containing breakfast, lunch, and snack items for one week. (600 students)

- Provide summer school breakfast and lunch for five weeks. (200 students)
Grape Street Elementary School serves the children in and around the Imperial Courts housing project. Grape provides both breakfast and lunch to needy students on school days, but it is common for children to miss dinner at night.

WPF believes that it is hard to learn on an empty stomach and provides afternoon snacks and food assistance to children who are hungry.

Grape Street Elementary School is already one of the better schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Our goal is to assist the school to make it the best school in the district, and to prepare its students for high school and college.
Watts Powerhouse Food